Fashion in Colonial Virginia

MAP & DIRECTIONS to Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center. 

Open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (until 6 p.m. June 15-August 15)
Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

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June 1-30, 2014
Jamestown Settlement & Yorktown Victory Center

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Clothing, from single thread to whole garment, is the focus of interpretive programs during a "Fashion in Colonial Virginia" theme month, June 1-30 at Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center.


Tailor sewing at Jamestown Settlement


Colonial fashion – 1600s and 1700s style
11 a.m. – Re-created Fort

Powhatan Indian dress and ornamentation
1:30 p.m. - Powhatan Indian Village

Sailor’s garments and what to wear on a sea voyage
3 p.m. - Ships’ Pier


Periodic sewing, spinning and cloth dyeing
10:35 a.m. – 1780s Farm

Stitching Historical Clothing
12:35 p.m. – Galleries
Assist with stitching uniforms for future American Revolution Museum at Yorktown gallery exhibits.

Revolutionary War uniforms and rank
2:05 p.m. - Continental Army Encampment

From leather to linen, visitors can explore how clothing of the period was fashioned and examine types of garments worn by 17th-century English sailors and colonists, Powhatan Indians, 18th-century Virginia farmers and Continental Army soldiers — doublets, slops, cassocks, bodices, petticoats and coifs, leather aprons, armor helmets and breastplates, waistcoats, breeches, shirts, regimental coats, and tricorn hats.

Throughout the month, museum visitors can assist with processing plant fibers for cloth, learn how dyes were made from plants to produce an array of colors, watch as clothing is laundered with boiling water and lye soap, and observe the stitching of simple apparel from pieces of cloth and deerskin. Types of implements used in cloth production will be on display, including bone needles in the Powhatan Indian village at Jamestown Settlement and, at the Yorktown Victory Center farm, a flax break, scutch and hatchel, and spinning wheel.

In Jamestown Settlement’s Powhatan Indian village, historical interpreters will explain how Powhatan Indians fashioned their clothing with shells and bones and bodies with paint.

At the ships’ pier, visitors can learn the types of clothing that sailors would have packed for an extended voyage, such as the 144-day journey across the Atlantic to Jamestown in 1607. In the re-created colonial fort, visitors can learn about garments worn by upper-, middle- and lower-class colonists.  

Interpreters in the Yorktown Victory Center’s re-created Continental Army encampment will tell of George Washington’s efforts to develop a standard uniform for his troops. Visitors also can learn how to make an epaulette, an accessory a soldier wore on their military uniforms to indicate rank.

At the re-created 1780s farm, historical interpreters will show visitors how families took great pride during the Revolution in repairing and redyeing worn clothing to avoid wearing English goods.

Visitors also have an opportunity to make a little fashion history of their own. In preparation for the new American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, scheduled to replace the Yorktown Victory Center in late 2016, historical clothing tailors will display military uniforms being created for new museum gallery exhibits and let visitors take part in cutting and stitching fabric for garments. 

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